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Emotional Bliss :: IsisI appreciate an impressively-packaged product, and the Isis from Emotional Bliss certainly qualifies. When I saw the box, I thought I'd been shipped the wrong vibrator, because an itty bitty finger vibe couldn't possibly need such a big box. In truth, the box is at least twice the size it needs to be. But it's nifty, and it makes you feel like you're getting more for your money. Still, it's wasteful. See how wishy-washy I am on this matter?

Inside was the Isis vibe (a rechargeable fingertip number), three sizes of interchangeable finger clips, (from the teeny pinkie-sized to the "one-for-the-thumb" Steelers variety) the charging adapter, two 30ml bottles of lubricant (one water-based, one silicone), and a very entertaining instruction booklet. The booklet claims that the 80Hz at which the Isis vibrates is the "proven frequency to stimulate orgasm." I found this most amusing, for some inexplicable reason. The website further clarifies: "80Hz - the speed suggested to be the most likely to stimulate orgasms in women aged 18-30" (recommending its big sister, the Chandra, for women over 30 because it vibrates at 110Hz). Well, I'm 45, so I'm not quite sure whether my word should be trusted on the efficacy of this product. After all, I'm a decade and a half past the target orgasm demographic.

Now, according to a Medscape article touting the benefits of "vibration anesthesia" *eek* prior to BoTox injections, the Hitachi Magic Wand works at 5,000 or 6,000 vibrations per minute (83 Hz or 100 Hz), and I can assure you that the Isis doesn't feel anywhere NEAR as powerful. I can also assure you that my Hitachi has only anesthetized me in terms of a post-orgasmic rush of oxytocin bliss. YMMV. This intrepid researcher is of the opinion that it's the amplitude, rather than the frequency, that makes a toy super extra special. The Isis buzzes like a bullet vibe, which is about all a reasonable person can expect from a motor that size. (FYI: Of the smallest products, I think the We-vibe has the strongest vibration.)

The website claims: It is practically silent and is fully rechargeable so it can run for 2-3 hours – plenty of time to reach that ultimate orgasm. I'm sorry, but I don't know anyone who has the time OR the energy to masturbate for 2-3 hours in search of an orgasm. Maybe I'm greedy, but if a toy hasn't gotten me off within 20 minutes, I'm calling in the artillery (under the command of General Hitachi).

The lubes aren't anything worth writing home about. They claim to be tasteless. While they weren't (to me), they also weren't repulsive.

IsisBottom line? If you can get off with a bullet vibe solo, then you can get off with the Isis solo. However, what's neat about the Isis is that it's rechargeable. I cannot stand those button batteries, and I primarily avoid bullet vibes for that reason. And, it's got that nifty finger clip which makes playing with lube sooooooo much easier. Ever try to hang on to a slippery bullet vibe? It's a challenge.

Partner play, however, is where the Isis can really shine. Super convenient, easy to power on or off, won't get in the way or interrupt the flow of the action. It just provides that extra little boost of stimulation to add to the excitement.

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Here's what Babeland has to say:

The smallest rechargeable finger-fitting vibrator in the world offers mild vibration—great for massage, masturbation and getting you over the top in partner sex. You can try all three in one session since the Isis holds a charge for up to three hours. Includes several different finger-ring sizes so it's easy to share. A top-quality vibrator: excellent for first-timers, quiet, and very portable. Blue and white. Includes international converter for charger. Speed is 80 Hz. Please refer to our return policy for this product.

  • Size: 2-1/2" x 3/4"
  • Material: Non-porous TPE plastic
  • Volume: 2 out of 5
  • Intensity: 2 out of 5
  • Batteries: Rechargeable
Emotional Bliss products are wildly popular in Europe but are only available through select channels in the USA. Babeland is one of the chosen purveyors of the range.

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  1. Bullets don't usually do it for me so I probably wouldn't like this but I do like the finger clip for exactly the reason you mentioned (lube).