Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Strobe Probe

Have you ever bought something just because it was on sale? Well, I bought two of these jelly, rabbit-pearl vibes on a close-out sale over a year ago. If I recall correctly, the combined price barely tipped me into the free shipping range on Amazon. So, I guesstimate around $13 each. I could dig through my order history and find out exactly, but... well... who cares? The product's been discontinued, so it's not like anyone's gonna rush to buy one based on my stellar review.

No, the reason I'm posting is more due to the manufacturer (Doc Johnson) than the particular model, because I have buried many a rabbit-pearl by other manufacturers, but this one seems to be more durable. That may or may not carry over to other products by Doc Johnson.

Like I said, I bought two of these puppies. The second one is still in its box, unused & unopened. The first, however, has some serious mileage on it -- and it's still going strong. It's lasted four times as long as any other rabbit-pearl I've ever owned -- and I do believe I've been *ahem* harder on it than its predecessors.

Yeah, the strobe part is kinda funny, but I try not to think about my pussy glowing like my cheeks used to do when, as a kid, I'd stick a flashlight in my mouth.

Until next time...

peace & passion,