Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hitachi Magic Wand

Hitachi Magic Wand
Heaven. Absolute heaven.

It's been my pleasure to review the Hitachi Magic Wand.

When I first removed the toy from the box, I was surprised at the seemingly innocent appearance and at the solid weight of the product. No cheap issue, this. It is in fact a marvelous deep muscle massager, easily able to deliver powerful but soothing vibrations to the entire body. The wand guarantees a relaxed recipient, whether you've been driving a moving van for thirty hours or building sets for a middle school play.

Phthalate free, it's a foot long instrument, twelve solid phallic-shaped inches loaded with teeth-clenching vibrations. The head is soft and flexible and measures 7 ½ inches around, slightly smaller than a tennis ball. There is a six foot power cord, 110-120 volts, with two settings. It is the strongest vibrator I've ever used.

After plugging it in and turning it to the highest setting, I applied the wand to the back of my neck, and then slipped it down between my shoulder blades. The relief was immediate, and it felt as if my entire body unclenched. I followed this up by testing it on my calves, my thighs, and even the soles of my feet. The vibrations tickled my feet but my leg muscles sighed with pleasure.

Undaunted and intrigued, and with growing sexual thoughts, I placed the buzzing head directly against my tender nipples. Zing! It was startling but absolutely amazing. I would have thought that the vibrations were too powerful to be enjoyed sexually but as it turns out, I was quite mistaken.

With a grin I centered the vibrating tool against my jean-clad crotch. Wow. The pleasurable sensations were acute and quickly traveled from navel to kneecaps. Thinking I should begin this sort of play at the lower setting I tried to turn the wand down. That's when I realized it was already on the lowest setting. It could only go higher. So I turned it up.

That was quickly followed by a bone-rattling, chair-gripping, seeing stars climax. Wow. It was a good thing no one else was home at the time.

Well, since the first test was such a success, ahem, my next thoughts were about variety and further experimentation. So, later that night my partner and I took the wand from the living room to the bedroom.

We started with teasing and body massage techniques. He loved it as much as I did and the groans from muscle relaxation soon gave way to sexual moans and sighs. It was certainly not too powerful on my sensitive bits, especially after arousal, but I can see where direct application may be too much for some.

We tried different positions and variations, but eventually settled for the tried and true rear entry. I held the wand easily in one hand, pressed it to myself and once we were engaged my partner felt the vibrations nearly as forcefully as I did. He is now a serious fan of vibrating toys.

We've since discovered there is an attachment that can be purchased for the wand called the Gee Whiz. It snaps on and allows users to focus on clitoris or G-spot. Delicious.

The Hitachi Magic Wand is an orgasm producer, no question. And as a matter of fact, our wand is still plugged in.

I highly recommend it and look forward to further playtime, I mean, experimentation.

Here's what Babeland, who graciously provided the product for review, had to say:

Known as "the Cadillac of Vibrators" and perhaps the world's most popular vibrating sex toy. Similar in look and feel to the Acuvibe, its strong vibration makes it an unfailing friend in masturbation, and its symmetrical shape makes it a natural for partnered, face-to-face fun. For penetration options, check out the Gee Whiz and the Deluxe G-spotter attachments. Runs on 110v power, cord is 6'1". Two speeds, spongy head; or replace with Off With Your Head. Hitachi is one of the Babeland All Stars!

This item cannot be shipped outside of North America.

    • Size: 12"; head: 2-1/2" diameter
    • Material: Vinyl and hard plastic
    • Volume: 5 out of 5
    • Intensity: 5 out of 5
    • Batteries: Electric

    Tuesday, November 18, 2008


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    Until next time...

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    Here's what Babeland has to say:
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