Tuesday, November 18, 2008


MaverickMaverick It is always a delight to make new acquaintances, and when one's friends get along famously, it can be very satisfying. Very. Satisfying. Maverick, the nubby, stretchy, reversible elastomer sleeve, took a shining to Woody, the suction-based glittery silver silicone dick as if they were meant to be together in some sort of erotic reproduction of Toy Story.

This is one versatile product! The fellas can use it with the nubbies on the inside -- slathered with lube -- while the ladies can turn it inside out and slip it on their fellas or their favorite toy for a little extra nubby goodness, either harnessed or hand-held. Nevermind that it looks like a curling iron attachment. It doesn't FEEL like one, and that's what counts.

Elastomer is a slightly porous, phthalate-free material that cannot be completely disinfected, so this product is not recommended for anal play. Wash with warm, soapy, anti-bacterial soap and stretch it around a lint-free towel to thoroughly dry the inside. Then, invert and store nubby-side out, since all those bumps could harbor moisture.

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Here's what Babeland has to say:
After a long day’s work, come home and slip into something more comfortable—the tantalizing Maverick penis sleeve. The cushy, soft elastomer sleeve fits snugly on virtually anyone, while nubby tendrils lining the inside stroke every inch of your cock. And though it’s not what the Maverick was designed for, we liked turning it inside out—so the nubbies face out—and letting our partners enjoy extra stimulation during vaginal penetration. Blue elastomer. One stretchy size.

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  1. UPDATE: After a month of very limited use, this product is shedding nubbies. That's merely an annoyance if it's just used as a masturbation sleeve. However, if stretched over a toy or a penis & inserted vaginally, it could result in a tiny piece of the elastomer getting "lost" in the vagina -- which could cause infection or other complications. Use with caution.