Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Hustler Real Man Dream Dick

A Toys for Tarts guest review:

Hustler Real Man Dream DickThere’s a new line of dongs on the market. They’re made from a material called CyberSkin.™ Per the promo from one of the manufacturers:

CyberSkin is different from all other materials on the market today. With the creation of CyberSkin it is now possible to make adult sex toys with Virtual Touch, that is, with an extremely realistic feel like that of the human body. This means that if you close your eyes & touch the material, you can't tell the difference between a CyberSkin Dildo and the human penis for instance. CyberSkin has memory, and is very flexible so it can recover to its original shape.”

Now, one quibble: you can’t claim anything that comes in bubblegum pink, lavender, and electric blue is just like a real cock. Nope, just can’t.

I have the Hustler Real Man Dream Dick. (Who thinks up these names???) When I close my eyes and touch it… I know it’s not a real dick. The difference comes across in tactile sensation. It just isn’t skin. However, among the six or seven other dildos in my collection, it does feel the most realistic. The surface warms to the touch. It gives like skin when you slide your hand along the surface. The flexibility is great. The Hustler model, if worn in a harness, hangs correctly and moves like a real erect cock.

Given a decent harness, just about any position a guy with dick could manage is achievable. Anal penetration? Well, most dongs they’re just too clunky, not flexible enough. The penetrating party gets a lot of resistance from the product itself. That doesn’t happen with, in this case, the Hustler model. In fact, a side by side, early morning rear entry was incredibly pleasurable for all concerned. No loss of control was experienced. It stayed in place and because of the flexibility, a fairly awkward position became possible.

Dream Dick has a pretty solid core and that extends into the scrotum section. I would like someone, someday, to come up with a dildo where the balls have as much give as a real set… and that could be possible with the CyberSkin.™ They didn’t go that far. Still, the Hustler Dream Dick was well worth the $48.95 price tag.

James Buchanan

Monday, October 15, 2007