To request a review, please leave a comment on this post (click the "comment" link, below) and include the following information:
  • Item name

  • Link
    All submissions MUST have a valid link before a review post can be created.

If there is anything in particular that you want to know about the product, please include that as well.


Toys for Tarts is an independent review site. It is run by volunteers and supported by donors. Any sales commissions that may be generated when a visitor elects to shop through its affiliate links are used to promote the Coming Together erotic anthology series, which benefits various charities.

Specific review requests are welcome, and if a complimentary product is provided along with the request, the review will include a link to the vendor's site.

Toys for Tarts has a diverse team of reviewers -- male and female, gay and straight -- so products can be evaluated in virtually any environment desired.

Interested vendors can contact Toys-for-Tarts [at]

Toys for Tarts also scans the 'Net for existing reviews. If such is quoted, the source is always cited and a link to that source is always included in the sidebar.

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