Toys for Tarts was launched to share information & original reviews of sex toys as well as to provide quotes & links to reviews posted elsewhere.

Shopping through the links on the Toys for Tarts blog generates a few pennies in affiliate income which is used solely to support Coming Together's promotional activities. So, you do good while feeling good, which makes you feel even better!...

(Liberally and gratefully pilfered from AAG's blog.)

This post constitutes a disclosure about the various and sundry money-making activities engaged in by the site owners. You should know that Toys for Tarts:
  • Receives free products occasionally.
  • Is paid by the advertisers whose ads you see.
  • Gets a percentage of purchases made through affiliate links.
Money earned through this blog and eBay auctions constitutes the entirety of Coming Together's promotion budget. So, when you shop through the links on this blog, Coming Together earns a few pennies in affiliate income which is subsequently used to promote the philanthropic series.

The impetus for this post are the new FTC guidelines for bloggers who endorse products. While we cannot imagine the FTC taking time to prosecute humble sex-bloggers who are occasionally given wee bits of buzzy plastic, stranger things have happened in this bizarre world.

We hate to treat visitors as though they are wholly unschooled in the ways of advertising. However, as we also hate the thought of not being able to continue to do what we do, we’ve decided that it’s better to post and be safe than not to post and be sorry.

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