Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Go Girl

Go GirlSince I reviewed the P Style, another reusable tool to allow the dickless to pee standing up, I thought it only fair that I review this product for comparison. The P Style was functional (with practice). The Go Girl, however, puts it to shame. It is a clearly superior design and is a 100% no-leak win from the very first piss. Better than sliced bread. I kid you not!

It's soft and bendy, like a dick is 95% of the time (unless it's 14 years old, then that percentage drops to 50) and easy to aim.

It has an enclosed channel -- again, like a dick -- so no matter how hard and fast you pee, the raging river isn't gonna overflow its banks.

It's comfy against your body. No hard plastic edges to scratch delicate places.

And it's really quite fun. You totally could write your name in the snow with this bad boy... erm, girl.

I found it simplest to use with one foot resting on the toilet seat, which is fine if you're naked or wearing a skirt but a bit more problematic if you're in pants/shorts. It's not difficult to use with your britches around your ankles, mind you. It just takes a bit more effort to hit the bowl. Outdoors while hiking or camping or skiing? No problemo. Let 'er rip! (You'll want to stop, if skiing. Do not attempt to use Go Girl whilst zooming down the slopes or you'll have piss-cicles on your ski pants.)

Both are very easy to clean & reusable. Both are priced at $12. I think that's on the high side for the P Style, but fair for the Go Girl.

Until next time...

peace & passion,

Here's what Babeland has to say:

If you've always wanted to pee standing up but your anatomy prevents it, the Go Girl is the STP (Stand to Pee) device for you. Soft, flexible silicone cups you comfortably, allowing you to pee freely and direct the stream where you want it to go. Of course, the silicone also makes for easy cleanup — just rinse/wipe it off, then boil it for disinfection later. And the pliable material allows you to fold/scrunch it up and stuff it in a bag or pocket for later. Great for gender transition, camping, public bathrooms, writing your name in the snow...

Friday, January 08, 2010

Smartballs Teneo

Smartballs Teneo Kegel Sex Toy from Good Vibrations
Some product reviews take a bit longer than others because there's so much testing to be done, and the Smartballs Teneo by Fun Factory is one of them.  Part sex toy, part health aid, these silicone puppies are designed to strengthen and tone a woman's pelvic floor -- her pubococcygeal (or PC, for short) muscle -- thereby enhancing sensation during sex (in addition to other health benefits such as preventing urinary incontinence).

They can be worn discreetly for exercise or stimulation, and they can be used during many types of sex play -- either solo or with a friend (or two or three). Unlike some Ben Wa balls I've explored, this product doesn't have that metallic, almost gong-like chime that can sometimes be heard *eep* through layers of clothing. Thus, if you go to that PTA meeting wearing the Smartballs Teneo Uno (single) or Duo (double), you're not going to potentially broadcast your secret to those near enough to hear it. I find the Uno delightful accompaniment while grocery shopping, for example.

I'm not all that fond of the Duo as an exercise device. It seems having that much bulk inside leaves no room for movement, and movement is key to exercise. Even the inner balls seem to move less. I just feel... full. Not stimulated.

Now, during masturbation, the Duo provides a very nice assist to clitoral stimulation. Unlike a dildo, it doesn't have to be held in place in order to provide that desired fullness. (If you need thrusting action, of course, you'll want to stick with the dildo.) Vibrations, thanks to those inner balls, carry well and provide more than adequate g-spot stimulation.

The product comes with a packet of water-based lube, and I recommend using it. The balls have the circumference of an above-average penis, and they can take some maneuvering to insert -- especially if you start while unaroused. Given their size, I was a wee bit concerned about removal, but the silicone "string" did just fine. (I had visions of it snapping like a rubber band, leaving the ball inside and a nasty sting outside. My worries were completely unfounded.) They're super easy to clean, too!

I gotta admit, the ridges on the outside did nothing for me, either during insertion or while inside.  In fact, they undoubtedly made insertion a bit more laborious. I suppose if you had really loose muscles, they might help keep the balls from sliding out when you didn't want them to, but I have a hard time imagining anything this big "accidentally" sliding out of anyone. Besides, the Smartballs Teneo doesn't have the weight of traditional Ben Wa balls, so I never really felt the pull of gravity in that way.

I recommend you give the Smartballs Teneo a try.

Until next time...

peace & passion,

Here's what Good Vibrations has to say:
Similar in design to the original Smartballs, these new "smarter" balls have an ergonomic finger groove for easy insertion, a silicone string for ready removal and extra texture for increased sensitivity. Hailed as the modern Ben-Wa, these silicone coated spheres contain a ball bearing. When rolled, they produce a sensation often referred to as “natural” vibration. Their size and shape also make them great for G-Spot stimulation.
Smartballs are also excellent kegel exercisers. Fabulous for focus, they give the PC muscles a wonderful workout. Now available as either doubles or singles, you can take two or choose just one and use them both for fitness and fun! Each Smartball is 1 3/4” long, 1 1/2” in diameter. Assorted colored Silicone.