Thursday, August 17, 2006


A Toys for Tarts guest review:
At first glance, the most noticeable facet of the Scorpion vibe is the contrast between the sparkly purple body and the bright blue heads on the double prongs. At a closer look, it’s possible to tell on sight and even better, by touch, that the bright blue heads are fairly realistic in shape. Straight out of the box, this jelly toy does have the familiar, slightly plastic-y scent and tacky texture, but both disappear after a wash or two.

It would have been easier to install the batteries with a diagram, as the battery compartment isn’t very clearly marked for where to put the two AAs required. However, once the batteries are inserted, the cap of the battery compartment locks into place, making it less likely that the user will twist the cap too far and empty the batteries out on the bed while in search of a faster speed.

One difficulty with the Scorpion is the lack of rigidity, a problem typical for jelly toys. The very flexibility of the toy makes self-insertion a tricky process, requiring some limberness and dexterity. It is not a great toy for spur of the moment orgasms, but rather one for slow, lingering use or adventurous couple's play.

Once in, though, the toy provides a nice combination of multiple stimulations. The rounded balls along the vaginal prong massage inside, while the head is positioned very nicely for G-spot stimulation. The smaller, slimmer anal wand is curved in, and its rounded head provides a nice feeling of fullness. The multi-speed vibrations range from a teasing tickle to a serious throbbing, and while the motor seems loud at first, it’s muffled fairly well when the toy is fully inserted. There’s a nice four-inch shaft left outside, which can be used as a handle for thrusting, swiveling or bouncing, any of which can greatly enhance the experience.

Having gotten all too used to weekend quickie orgasms in bed or the shower, slowing down and spending some time with the Scorpion was a very nice change for me. I’d recommend trying it.

* This toy graciously provided for review by Xandria