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We-vibeThere are so many ways this little, purple pleaser can be used that a conscientious toy reviewer could spend months trying (and re-trying) them in order to present the intrepid, orgasm-seeking consumer with a comprehensive evaluation. Eventually, however, the review simply must be written so that the products piling up in the corner, patiently awaiting their turn, can have their chance at my... well, you know.

If Toys for Tarts' review doesn't answer all your burning questions, please leave a comment. We'll do our bestest to answer or at least point you in the direction of the answer. Realize, of course, that any questions might result in this reviewer disappearing for days (or weeks) in order to thoroughly research *ahem* the answer. There are also other reviews--out there in the jungles of cyberspace--to peruse. Clean Sheets, for example, posted his-n-hers critiques.

Okay, so it looks like a cross between new-age salad tongs and a mouth guard. (I like funky stuff.) What you can't tell from the photographs (and the We-vibe website has lots of them from all angles) is that its surface is SOFT and that its neck is really flexible.

The We-vibe is primarily designed to be used during penetrative vaginal sex--be that with human or inanimate object or some combination of the two. The (slightly) smaller end is inserted, while the larger end rests against the clitoris. It stays put quite well in all positions tested--especially missionary & on all fours--even with lots of lubrication (be it the natural variety or the type that comes from the industrial-sized pump dispenser on your nightstand). [REMINDER: Don't use silicone lubes with silicone toys.] Takes a We-bit (*snerk* Aren't I punny?) more coordination when on top, but once you put your quarter in the slot and your bronco starts bucking, you're good for the duration of the ride.

It's rechargeable, which means that even though it's purple (visually), it's green (environmentally). That purple is like a thick, silicone wet suit (appropriately) for the moving parts. Two vibrating nodes. One in each end. Two stronger-than-typical-bullet-vibe, quieter-than-typical-bullet-vibe nodes.

The single, 3-position, high-off-low toggle switch (which controls both ends) is hidden beneath that sheath, too. There are just a couple, cute little dimples on the clit end to indicate its location. You have to feel around for it, but--just like you have to feel around for a g-spot--you'll know when you find it. Trust me.

We-vibeSame for the power jack. Another dimple, just below the power dimples. A tiny slit of a nose to their rounder eyes. At first I was hesitant to "pierce" the purple with the plug, but it plunged right in there and sealed right back up when withdrawn. Nifty!

The instructions say it cannot be overcharged and recommend keeping it plugged in so it'll have a full charge whenever you're ready to play. In testing, a single charge lasted long enough to accomplish its mission in three separate, lengthy experiments before showing any signs of fatigue. (That's more than I can say for most partners I've known.)

We-vibeThe storage case looks so much like a typical eyeglass case in size and shape that no one would give it a second glance if you left it on your kitchen counter--not that I expect to be using it in the kitchen, mind you. (On second thought, my kitchen island does look rather inviting.)

So, in the final analysis, is this purple pleasure puppy worth its hefty price tag? Yeah, I think so. If you give it a try, please let us know what YOU think!

Until next time...

peace & passion,

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Here's what EdenFantasys has to say:

This unique discreet vibrator is crafted in premium silicone and designed for hands-free pleasure. Rechargeable and phthalate-free, the body friendly material and powerful vibrations will arouse and delight.

Two vibrating nodes purr simultaneously at low or high speed on each end of this sex toy. The We-vibe has a compact body about the size of a playing card, with ribbed textures on the inside to stimulate. The tip with the control button in it rests on the clitoris, while the thinner tip slides inside the vagina to massage the>
A thin jack simply slides into a small hole in the front to recharge the We-vibe. Two dimples beside the charging port accent the internal power switch, which can be moved left for high speed and right for low. High speed is moderately quiet, while low speed is very quiet, making this a great toy for a little discreet>
Your We-vibe unit comes with a black and purple hinged case and a charging plug. It should be used only with water based lubricants, and can not be submerged in water. Only the thinner tip should be inserted.

  • Type: G-spot and clitoral vibrator
  • Texture: Ribbed
  • Control type: Power switch
  • Clitoral attachment shape: Other
  • Functions: Vibrating
  • Safety features: Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Powered By: Rechargeable
  • Material: Silicone
  • Color: Purple
  • Length: 3"
  • Insertable length: 3"
  • Circumference: 3"
  • Diameter: 1"
  • Weight: 0.1 lb
  • Special Features: Multispeed

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