Monday, October 13, 2008


SaSiSex toys just keep getting better and better, and Je Joue's SaSi is top-of-the-line luxury. It's the Lamborghini of non-human clitoral stimulation, combining vibration with a tongue-like "nub" that remembers what you like.

EdenFantasys says:

According to studies some women more likely get aroused from massaging finger-like motion than from vibration. SaSi is a new approach to female pleasure that implement motion instead of plain vibration.

  • Massaging ball enveloped in soft silicone makes circle movements over desired area imitating finger movements.

  • Massager delivers 11 motion patterns, which can be arranged in the sequence you like.

  • Motion and vibration speeds can be increased. You can program SaSi entering your favorite patterns in its memory.

  • SaSi is rechargeable. The full charge takes 45 minutes and lasts 1 hour 15 minutes.

  • SaSi comes with charger, 4 adapters for USA, EU, Australia and UK, storage bag and instructional booklet.

  • We strongly recommend reading instructions prior first use to learn about SaSi's abilities and enjoy this wonderful product at its fullest.

And Babeland says:
Just like a real partner, SaSi vibrator is capable of giving a different experience every time, and like a good partner, it will learn and remember the movements you like best. A smooth, rounded massage head undulates under a thin, silky cover, creating a soft kneading sensation that can be completely customized by adjusting movement type, speed, and vibration. SaSi is loaded with "Sensual Intelligence" which enables you to program the vibrator’s motions. Tailoring an experience just for you, it learns what you like and what you don’t like and remembers it for future enjoyment. Plus, the SaSi is a comfortable, portable size; made of water-resistant silicone, and rechargeable.
Babeland offers this video on YouTube:

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  1. Yeah, it is really great vibrator for women. I bought a nea vibrator, they're looks the same. I might have this one also,for my personal collection.