Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Fix (leather thigh harness)

The FixI've been a bad girl. (So, I'll spank you later. *wink* Erm, yeah.) I've had The Fix leather thigh harness by Outlaw Leather in my toy box for weeks awaiting review, and I've procrastinated. Big time. Oh, it's not that I haven't played with it. I certainly have. It's just that I keep thinking that there's another position or another way I want to kick its tires before I post a review. I decided last night that the possibilities are endless and that I'd just have to buckle down and write the damned review, incomplete as it may be.

First things first: LEATHER. Leather is just so yummy, and The Fix is no exception. The smell alone is arousing. It's not as supple as the Jaguar, but it's not as stiff & scratchy as a $9.98 belt from Wal-Mart, either. It's sturdy, and sturdy is definitely an attribute one wants when driving a dildo. Plastic parachute buckles are for backpacks, not strap-ons! You don't want your harness to fall off mid-fuck and send you careening off the sexual superhighway like a Corvette that's blown a tire.

Second: POSITIONING. Talk about flexibility! You can get mega creative with this puppy, even when flying solo. You'll never look at your exercise bike the same way. Trust me on this one. For those with impaired mobility, The Fix offers satisfying alternatives to conventional sex positions. Side-lying, in particular, is both intimate and intense. Let your imagination soar -- and your orgasms will follow.

Third: FIT. The straps are joined by a pair of metal rings, so they're infinitely adjustable and plenty long enough, even for the biggest thighs. Once on and sufficiently tightened against bare flesh, the harness is not going to slip. It might rotate a bit, though, with more vigorous action. That's not an issue with lapdance-style thigh fucking, but it comes into play when thrusting. As with any strap-on, practice and technique will overcome that. Practice is very enjoyable, too. *grin*

Of note: SQUEEZE. If you're a woman who tends to be preoccupied by how she looks during sex, be prepared to not like the fleshy bulges that The Fix causes when tightened around your thigh. In order for it to be secure, you have to pull those straps tight -- and when you do, even the thinnest thigh is gonna bulge. Close your eyes and deal. It's worth it. (Putting the harness over jeans does ameliorate this issue, but then you're clothed, and access to your own slippery pink parts is limited. Life is one fucking compromise after another, pun intended. You have to decide what's more important to you as fucker or fuckee.)

And let's face it, thigh fucking is all kinds of awesome for both gals and guys. Until I received The Fix my experience was limited to a stretchy, neoprene thigh harness. For an inexpensive product, something like the Lap Dancer is wonderful. However, it lacks the snaps and O-rings that allow The Fix to accept a wide variety of dildos. As someone who owns said wide variety, that makes me oh-so-blissfully happy.

Until next time...

peace & passion,

Here's what EdenFantasys, who graciously provided the product for review, has to say:
Take a new direction in the world of harness play with this premium, leather thigh harness from Outlaw Leather™. Made of top-notch high-quality leather, this sturdy and durable harness fits snugly over the thigh for a new and interesting way to play with your harness compatible dildos. The central pad is cut specifically to comfortably fit over the thigh, with extra-long adjustable straps to accommodate most sizes. Solid metal rivets and brass D-rings double the safety and strength of the piece, with a large 2" in diameter brass O-ring in the center to house the dildo.

Product code: OL7020202
Type: Leg harness
Closure: Buckle
Material: Metal / Leather
Length: 10"
Width: 8 1/2"
Dildo holder diameter: 2"
Weight: 1 lb
Special Features: Kinky

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