Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pinwheel with Sheath

No, it's not a miniature pizza cutter. It's a delightfully intriguing implement for sensation or pain play. Yes, those points are sharp. Yes, they could puncture the skin if enough pressure was applied. With light pressure, however, they almost tickle -- and I'm not ticklish. With medium pressure, a trail of indentations temporarily dot the skin. Playfully write your name on your lover's back -- or deliver some wicked teasing to nipples or other pink parts.

Use safely, sanely, and consensually. And, as with any product which may pierce the skin, sterilize before use. A stainless steel implement can be sterilized with rubbing alcohol, Betadine, or chlorhexidine if you don't happen to have an autoclave handy.

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peace & passion,

Here's what Babeland has to say:
Sensuous or stern, you'll get your partner purring (or squealing) in no time when you run the steely bright pinwheel over legs, arms, backs, and genitals! The gleaming twenty-two-point stainless steel wheel has stood the test of time as a perennial favorite with both BDSM players and those who prefer a lighter touch. This full body sensation toy, also known as the Wartenberg Wheel, was originally developed by neurologists to test dermal nerve response. Make them shiver with pleasure as you hold the gorgeous smooth handle at an angle, to avoid piercing the skin, and vary the speed and pressure as you roll the prickling wheel. Comes encased in a leather sheath.

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