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The Bunny Book

The Bunny BookA Toys for Tarts guest review:

The Bunny Book: How to Walk, Talk, Tease, and Please Like a Playboy Bunny

The Bunny Book is a how to guide written by three Playboy Bunnies - Deanna Brooks (Miss May 1998), Pennelope Jimenez (Miss March 2003) and Serria Tawan (Miss November of 2002)

"If you a fly gal get your nails done, get a pedicure, get your hair did!" Missy Elliott

If you're overweight, if you love oversized clothes and walking around in gym shoes, if you could care less what your hair or your nails looks like, if you'd rather watch TV than tease or please anybody - and you're proud of it - then you have no reason for this book.

However, for women like me who enjoy a fit body, who loves makeup and high heels, manicures and pedicures, who loves to flirt, who loves sexual excitement - this is the book for you. You may already know how to walk, talk, tease and please like a Playboy Bunny, but maybe you need a reminder. That's why I loved this book.

The book is broken down into six core sections - Dress, Walk, Flirt, Tease, Please and Love.

What are some of my favorite quotes from The Bunny Book?

From "Dress" - "If you want to go to places where they wouldn't let just anyone in, then you have to dress the part."

From "Walk" - "Walking like a Bunny isn't just a matter of crossing a room so that heads turn (when you want heads to turn, that is - sometimes you just want to get to the bathroom quickly and discreetly!). It's about the entire way you carry yourself, whether you're elegantly exiting a car, standing at the bar with a cocktail, or lounging on your couch with a hangover. And it all starts at the gym."

From "Flirt" - "If a guy really likes you, having sex or not having sex isn't going to change his mind. If he's only in it for the sex, he'll stick around for three whole months to bed you if you're playing hard to get - and he'll still leave you right after he gets what he was looking for!"

From "Tease" - "If you've never been to a female strip club, go. At least once. If you've got the nerve, get a lap dance. Strippers have mastered the art of seduction. And it's best to experience it first hand in order to replicate it. Then, go home and practice."

From "Please" - "In order to have a voice in bed, you need to masturbate. You need to know your body. You have to understand the what, where, and how of your turn-ons. If you haven't figured it out, how can you expect him to? How are you going to ask for what you want if you don't know what that is?"

From "Love" - "Yeah, we know you're supposed to take each other for better or worse, but that's meant to be a beautiful promise, not a loophole! Taking pride in the way you look shows respect for the guy you're with (he should do the same for you, by the way). Sure, he'd be an asshole for leaving you just because you gained a few pounds, but you can't expect to trade in your gym routine for a beer belly and Big Macs seven nights a week and still have him lust after you."

I highly recommend The Bunny Book for all the girly girls out there!

Jolie du Pre

Erotica author and editor

~ ~ ~

On sale now for just $14!

From the Babeland site:

Three Playboy Bunnies—one married, one a career woman and one a die-hard party girl—get together and dish up everything you need to know to work it like a centerfold. Impress a first date, walk in heels, look (and feel) great naked, groom your pubes, strip like a pro, and so much more. Sassy, sex-positive and a fun read from front to back, The Bunny Book also mentions Babeland and several of our favorite toys.

  • Binding Style: Paperback
  • Type: Sex Information/How-To
  • Number of Pages: 191
  • Copyright: 2007

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