Monday, August 18, 2008

Grapevine Vibe

Grapevine VibeA Toys for Tarts guest review:

Watches and sunglasses. Used to be I could never own either, because some misfortune always befell either object I possessed. Watchbands broke within weeks, hinge pins on sunglasses loosened and disappeared in the carpet, higher end models either were stolen or mislaid at restaurants. As an adult I added bullet vibes to that list, which has left me distraught. For a desired, lasting orgasm, a bullet has been the only toy for me, and finding the RIGHT toy has been a challenge. I've have bullets short out within a week of use, not work at all once I got them home, and even crack after use. Don't ask me how, it's not like I'm riding a mechanical bull while it's in use. It frustrates me that science can build better, faster, strong technology yet attention to the orgasmic arts lingers in a pre-Renaissance.

So it was with some interest that I decided to test the Grapevine Vibe, a cute and aptly-named little number. Here's how Babeland describes it:

Why put something cold and hard on your delicate bits when you can stroke them with the silky-smooth, waterproof Grapevine Vibe? A tiny microbullet buzzes powerfully (but quietly) and comes encased in a velvety, smooth plastic that will have you tipping your cup in no time! Find out why it garnered rave reviews from our staff. Variable speed.

Why cold, indeed? Though I hadn't before minded the touch of chilled plastic against my delicate bit (in some ways, it enhances the pleasure), the idea of a covered bullet intrigued me. And waterproof to boot, something I hadn't thought to look for in a bullet since I didn't think it possible. This could well eliminate the need for a bullet and a waterproof BOB.

But does it work? Oh, yes. The actual bullet is not large - I'd say no longer the average human finger from tip to second knuckle - so not one I'd recommend for insertion unless you have a supplemental toy that uses bullets. The four-speed button panel is wonderful - no more fiddling with dials or sliding switches to find the right intensity. Level one is nice mild buzz against the skin, good for a lingering build-up to the level two medium pace. Three and all new meaning to the "quickie", though personally they are not speeds I use often for sensitivity reasons.

As for the quiet test, it passes easily. At its lowest speed under a comforter I didn't detect too much, so if you're the type who brings toys along when visiting relatives you should be fine with this one. ;)

If I had to issue a caveat about the Grapevine Vibe, it would be to take special care when cleaning. Because it is not exposed plastic like other bullets, you might not be as vigilant in clean as you would with a silicone toy. Of course, all toys require thorough care, so treat it nice. Website reviews on the Grapevine estimate this toy can last anywhere from about 1-3 years before the usual signs of wear show, and I suppose that depended on frequency of use. Me, knowing how well this purple people pleaser feels, I think I'll stock up on extras.

~ Leigh Ellwood

Ellwood...If She Could
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From the Babeland site:
  • Size: 1-1/2" x 5/8"
  • Material: Hard plastic
  • Volume: 2 out of 5
  • Intensity: 3 out of 5
  • Batteries: Two AA

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  1. I love this bullet. It's one of my favorite toys. I've gone through two or three of them. My favorite way to spend $20. :)