Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Here's what Erotic Massagers had to say:

"The most obvious [use], of course, is that the tapered end would be used to stimulate the g-spot while the flatter end would rest against the clitoris. After experimenting with a few different positions, I found that straddling the vibrator provided far better g-spot stimulation than lying on my back. Because this particular unit has no 'handle', as it were, controlling it from a prone position proved somewhat challenging. When the Ultime is straddled, however, I found it much easier to control the angle and depth of penetration by moving my hips. The added benefit of this is that it also left my hands free for other things. Using the flat end of the Ultime to rock the unit in semi circle also provides a particularly delightful sensation against the g-spot.

"Women who prefer a stronger level of clitoral stimulation may find that they need to add in a little manual play as the external portion has a rather weak vibration even on the highest setting. While the size of the Ultime could be a little difficult to work with during intercourse, it is a fun vibe for use during foreplay. Flipped upside down, the flat end nicely vibrates against the perineum while the tapered end stimulates the AFE Zone leaving your clitoris free for oral or mnual pleasuring. The U-shape also works rather well to cup the balls and stimulate the base of the penis during manual or oral play. If your lover happens to enjoy anal stimulation, the tapered end is well shaped for prostate stimulation as well. (Just remember to use a condom on the vibe if you’re sharing).

"All told, the Ultime is definitely worth adding to your toy chest. It’s unique shape makes it fun to experiment with both on solo and couple adventures. It is relatively quiet and, as is the case with all the vibes from Natural Contours, it is beautifully designed."


  1. Anonymous10:10 AM

    Totally unimpressed. I found it loud, inflexible, difficult to hold effectively, and uncomfortable in any position. Eventually, it would get the job done -- but so would your bare hands.

  2. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Oh, go with the Rock Chick. Same idea, but softer and flexible.