Tuesday, January 03, 2006


FeeldoeHere's what JT's Stockroom had to say:

"We've tested just about every double-ended dildo available that can be used in a harness, from the traditional double dong to the very complicated and pricey varieties. Technology has come a long way, but they all still left something to be desired, whether it be limited sensation for the wielder, sturdiness, or just over all functionality. Until now. The FeelDoe is the best double-ended dildo we have ever seen! It looks a bit strange and we were skeptical at first, but the pleasure that this toy delivers for both parties involved (its also great for solo play!) exceeds anything that we have ever tested. The smooth, realistically-shaped shaft is a great girth, length and shape for both anal and vaginal penetration. The egg shaped knob that fits inside the woman wearing the Feel Doe is not too big and not too small and somehow manages to give intense sensation with every thrust! The ribbed patch that lands right on the clitoris gets you closer and closer to orgasm as you grind away! The deep valley that runs along the bottom of the FeelDoe allows your 3-strap g-string harness to stabilize the toy even further, though it is equally suited for use with 4-strap harnesses. Simply the best double-ended harness compatible dildo."

"Silicone is a great material for dildos because it feels warm to the touch. These smooth, flexible dildos are resilient and durable. The texture is similar to the softness of skin, giving them a sensual feel. The non-porous silicone cleans easily with soap and water, and unlike some latex materials, doesn't get sticky after being used. (No more picking lint off your freshly washed dildos!) Silicone products are also the only way to go for people who have latex allergies. We highly recommend these fun toys, especially for use with strap-on harnesses."


  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    From blowfish.com, Feeldoe Stout:

    "Generally known as the best double dildo we carry, the Feeldoe has been making couples (and singles) happy for years. esigned with a silicone bulb on one end and a cock shaft on the other, this toy can be inserted vaginally and used to fuck just about anything: other vaginas, mouths, ass holes, fruit cakes . . . you name it. While we have had the Feeldoe and the Feeldoe Slim for some time now, the newest dick on the block is the Feeldoe Stout. This guy is as black as night and a chunker, measuring 1-3/4" thick, with a little vibrating bullet in the "elbow" of the toy so the whole thing buzzes. Sometimes you just need more and the Stout is here for your satiating pleasure. Also makes a terrific addition to your next role-play costume doubling as an intergalactic ray gun that can be used to prod and plow your human captive's cavities until they tell you all of their earth-specific secrets . . . or, um, whatever. Just an idea."

    See pix at http://www.blowfish.com/catalog/toys/images/t-tnt-2022.jpg

  2. Anonymous9:54 PM

    No harness needed! It really, really does stay in place. And it's visually stunning -- much more so than traditional strap-ons.

    The silicone doesn't really carry the vibrations as well as more rigid materials, but even without the bullet vibe insert, it's still one hell of a great toy -- with or without a partner!

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Not true. HARNESS NEEDED, if you would like to have 100% hand free intercourse. After first few strokes you get wet and there is no way to hold it inside only with the vaginal muscles. You need at least simple, but well adjustable harness with ring.