Tuesday, January 24, 2006

iVibe Rabbit

iVibe Rabbit: GrapeHere's what Freddy & Eddy had to say about Doc Johnson's iVibe Rabbit:

"Now having experienced four different 'rabbit' style vibrators, I had to admit that trying yet another one didn't exactly give me goose bumps. Yes, one did give me my first vaginal orgasm (the Vibratex Charmer), but aside from that the only distinguishing characteristics seem to be size and color. Hence, when the new iVibe Rabbit vibe arrived on August 1st, I didn't exactly rush to release it from its packaging.

"Once I did, however, all I can say is WOW!!! Not only did this product take me to the 'big O' in several unique ways, but it turned out to be one of the most advanced sex toys we've ever tested. Freddy and I could hardly believe that so much technology could be applied to a woman's privates and we are still finding new combinations to work me into a frenzied state.

"Dimension-wise, the Rabbit measures 9.5" from base to tip, 7" of which protrudes upward from the top of the base. The girth is 1.5" at its widest point and the rabbit 'ears' extend upward 2", meaning you must insert the device approximately 3-4" for it to make contact with your clitoris. As you can see from the picture above, a 1.5" section of rotating beads are located along the shaft, just above the ears. It is a little larger than I prefer, but I seem to be getting more tolerant with each review.

"Where the Rabbit earns its ears, so to speak, are in its controls. Not only does it have three independent operating sections (the ears, the beads, and the rotating tip), but each can be controlled with complete independence from the others. You can, for example, control the rotating head to go in different directions, rotate, move forward and reverse, or all three in sequence AND vary the speed. The same applies to the beads, where you can alter the speed and direction with which they move, and the rabbit ears, which can be started with a subtle purr and turned up to the point at which your hand will literally become numb if you hold it too long. Amazingly, you can almost never run out of combinations or speeds to satisfy your moods. However, there are several pre-programmed modes to make it easier to simply turn it on without having to think about what you wish to do.

"Once in action, I simply stayed with the rotating head and rabbit ears, which were more than enough to work me up. I LOVE clit stimulation and the extra powerful rabbit ears were certainly more than I could handle (I never reached maximum power and doubt I ever will). I'm not a huge fan of the rotating beads in any of these types of devices (just a tad too rough on my insides), but using the iVibe's at low setting produced very pleasant sensations and I'm slowly coming around (pun intended) to liking their effect.

"In summary, this toy ROCKS! Not only do I find it to be the most advanced sex toy I've ever used, but it makes for great experimentation with Freddy, who never shies away from such things. Its phenomenal controls, nice size, and quality construction (as solid as the Pocket Rocket) make it a great addition to our arsenal (and you can imagine what our collection looks like by now). A definite must-have."


  1. Clitical's review wasn't nearly as kind:

    "A little more than two months ago, I purchased my first 'dual action' vibrator- the Doc Johnson iVibe Rabbit (in the Grape color). This review is kind of a mixed review, but I figure that all you other women out there should know both the blessings and the curses of the iVibe Rabbit.

    "First off, the iVibe Rabbit is a rather pricey toy. I've found it online for anywhere from $70 - $100+, which I know for a lot of people (myself included) is pretty steep for something that's obviously not a main priority expense. Still, I'd heard great things about the iVibe Rabbit, so I, shall we say, 'took it for a spin.' ;)

    "At first, I was pretty impressed by my iVibe Rabbit. It's a very impressive looking vibrator, although it's almost intimidating at first due to all the buttons. I figured out how to manipulate the controls during use pretty quickly, though, and after that, I had quite a bit of fun using both the clitoral and vaginal rhythmic functions. For the most part, I had always been the type of girl who gets off more easily when I used my own hand; however, with the iVibe Rabbit, if I just gently rocked and let the vibrator do its thing, it was more than enough. As for the moving head, that was GREAT if you ask me, because it got that total g-spot stimulation down that usually can only be found during sex. The rabbit ears did a great job of its clitoral stimulation as well, and I came to climax really quickly with those on the constant setting. The only thing that I really thought was kind of humdrum were the rotating pearls. At first, I couldn't tell that they did very much, and they began to jam just a few days after use (more about that later).

    Overall, my first reaction to the iVibe Rabbit was overwhelmingly positive, and I. 'Ahem' Had a lot of fun. :)

    "However, my days of sheer ecstasy with the iVibe Rabbit were VERY short lived. Within three days of using my iVibe Rabbit, the little rotating pearls had caused a serious jam in the shaft of the vibrator, and the rotating vaginal stimulator stopped working completely. :( No more g-spot stimulation! I fiddled a bit with the pearls to try to clear the jam, but it was to no avail. That meant that half of my buttons on the rather large control panel were rendered useless after three days. My clitoral rabbit ears still vibrated just fine, so I could still use the vibrator, but I felt rather cheated that I'd spent $70 on a 'deluxe vibrator' that was now just as usable as a $25 vibrator. I used the vibrator in its semi-usable state 2-3 times a week for about a month, until yet another problem set back my pleasure once again.

    "About a month after receiving my iVibe Rabbit vibrator, I was using it under normal (as opposed to rough and rowdy) conditions when all of a sudden, something felt. Odd. I looked to see what the problem was, and lo and behold, those annoying rotating pearls had become so jammed that the shaft had snapped off the little motorized base! That meant that instead of having a firm, rigid shaft, now the shaft was permanently bent and broken. So after paying $70 for this high-tech vibrator, I got three days of proper use, a month of acceptable use, and now it could make a pretty nice paperweight. In my experience, I don't think that the iVibe Rabbit is worth it at all for the money. I was extremely disappointed and am now in the market for a replacement that will be much more durable."

    "All in all, I would say that the iVibe Rabbit does its job extremely
    well- while it is in brand-new condition. However, even under normal use, it is prone to breakage, which is abnormal for a Doc Johnson toy.
    If you are interested in getting more 'bang for your buck,' I would read reviews that discuss durability of toys before making a purchase. Also, when the iVibe Rabbit is working just fine, it may be too overwhelming for some of the more sensitive women out there. Although it is very customizable, the iVibe Rabbit is certainly on the more powerful end of the vibrator scale."


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