Monday, January 16, 2006

Pearl Butterfly

Pearl Butterfly
This attractive multi-function vibrator by California Exotic Novelties offers a butterfly clitoral stimulator rather than the standard bunny rabbit ears. The wings of the butterfly (a full 2.5" tip-to-tip) cup the labia while its body vibrates in between. Some women may like this, but this reviewer thought it muted the intensity of the vibrations by squeezing the labia together.

The area spanned by the rotating pearls in the shaft is considerably larger than other such products, providing broader coverage for internal stimulation -- but it also makes a considerably louder grinding noise. The shaft is 7" long and 5" in circumference -- quite filling, indeed.

Takes 3 AA batteries in the base. (The battery compartment door was rather loose, occasionally slipping open during use.) It has separate sliding controls (also in the base) for the vibration of the butterfly and the rotation of the pearls. As with other products of this style, it is easy to bump the controls during use -- changing the speed without intending to do so, which can be rather distracting.

California Exotic Novelties' products tend to work fairly well -- but not be very durable. Unfortunately, 4 of every 5 toys on the market seem to be from this manufacturer. As this is an older product, we can hope that its newer products are of greater quality.

Prices online are all over the map! From $127.50 all the way down to the low-thirty dollar range. Do NOT pay more than $40 for this product, and (for a few dollars more) you can do a LOT better with other jackrabbit style products. (Check out the Vibratex Rabbit Habit, for starters. It's not quite as girthy, but the quality completely blows the Pearl Butterfly out of the water.)

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