Thursday, January 12, 2006

Ring Around My Rosie

Ring Around My RosieAvailable from Blowfish:

"When designers start fashioning sex toys you get some interesting ideas. Most of the designer inspired sex toys we've seen have been sleek creations that don't look much like traditional sex toys at all. Well this one is different. It's clearly a phallic inspired design, but with fun new twists. The core of the toy is a straight shaft with a flared, rounded, non-realistic head. This shaft is made of a bright magenta glow-in-the-dark silicone sheath that holds a stiffer plastic core that keeps it much firmer than if the whole thing was poured of solid silicone. The head is about 1-1/2" at the widest point, the shaft is about 15/16" in diameter, and the total insertable length is just about 6". The base of the sleeve/shaft is slightly flared, allowing it to press down and act as a suction cup; it has a firm grip on smooth surfaces for straight up-down the shaft sliding, although side-to-side motion will break the suction fairly easily. This shaft is nice to use all on its own, providing a dramatic size difference between the flare of the head and the narrower shaft. If you'd prefer something more evenly sized or deliciously ribbed for the whole length of the shaft, you can work the 1-1/2" diameter silicone rings over the head and onto the shaft to provide additional thickness and a rippled texture. These rings make for a seriously bumpy ride so if you dig lots of texture in your thrusting, this is your toy.

"Do note, while this picture is intended to show how the rings will slip onto the toy, be prepared for them not to stay spaced very well once you get down to using it. The rings will slide up and down unless the whole shaft is covered, so don't be misled by the photo of intermittent rings like speed bumps along the shaft. This bright pink set is their Special Edition that comes with amazing packaging, a little pouch for your rings so you don't don't lose them in your toy chests, and a very cute and very tiny pair of black mesh thong panties that tie with pink and black ribbons over the hips. The panties are included as a gift to you from the French manufacturer and do not come in different sizes. (Note: they are super teeny on even our littlest tester).

"And just in case you were thinking between the lines, the base on this dildo is thin and flexible, which makes it work nicely as a suction cup but not so great as a flange. If you want to use this up your butt do exercise caution as it could slip completely inside if you're not careful."

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  1. Anonymous4:51 PM

    It's so damned CUTE!