Thursday, June 26, 2008

Penetration Station

The Penetration Station was a lot of fun to play with…

The straps are comfortable on the legs and wrists and easily adjustable. As a woman (or a bottom), if you need a little help holding your legs up or open, this gadget is gonna be your new best friend. As man (or a top), if your partner tries to close you out when you get a little vigorous, you’ll be just as pleased that they're unable while strapped in.

The Penetration Station is not exactly intended to be bondage equipment, but it helps hold things where both partners want them. Plus, it gives the visual effect of being tied down. It could lead to more bondage type play for those who are so inclined. The extra strapping on the cuffs could easily be used to tie thighs and wrists in a particular position. Just saying… It was way more fun that way!

All and all, not a bad toy for the investment… and it would be especially useful for those with physical limitations and in need of a little help holding those legs up/out/down for extended periods of time.

The only down side was the somewhat difficult installation which includes a strap that goes around (meaning you have to fish it under) the mattress. Once it's on, however, you can tuck it all discreetly under the bed and use it again and again with out having to reinstall it.


~ Mari

From the Babeland site:


Working your way through the sexual positions in the Kama Sutra just got a whole lot easier—and way more fun—thanks to the Penetration Station. Easy-to-use nylon and neoprene straps work as hand grips, foot stirrups, or thigh straps, taking the performance pressure off of you and making sex from every angle creative, comfortable and super-satisfying. As a result you’ll be able to amplify your thrust, depth, stability, and endurance (not to mention pleasure) in a jillion or so different sexual positions. Fits all bed sizes, easy to assemble, and includes a how-to DVD.

* This toy graciously provided for review by Babeland.

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