Sunday, June 22, 2008

Havana Vibrating Plug

It's been my pleasure to spend this past week reviewing the Havana Vibrating Plug.

This gadget is a sweet pink color and made of gentle silicone. The texture is very smooth and there is no offensive plastic odor, even brand new out of the box.

It's a tidy little plug, just 3" x 1-1/4", perfect for the beginner. Even a complete novice to anal play would have little or no difficulty with insertion.

And, unlike most plugs, this toy comes with a bright purple wireless bullet vibrator. Batteries included, the vibe has two speeds: a warm buzz and a much stronger and enjoyable zing. The vibrator slips in and out of the base of the plug fairly easily and the entire unit is waterproof.

This toy is perfect for solo play. Wearing this while utilizing other pleasure enhancing equipment was indeed a true delight. It also added positively to my bathing experiences.

A word of caution: The vibrator protrudes from the end of the toy so make certain to place a washcloth beneath you. If the buzzing bullet vibe loudly connects with the bottom of the tub you may unintentionally alert the entire household as to your adventures.

Though terrific for solo toying this plug was not very practical for partner games, including double penetration. I'd really hoped that the slender size would be an asset to this sort of play but was disappointed.

Because of the narrow shape it tends to not remain in place during extended sexual activity. Even with minimal lube the stem isn't designed to stay solidly embedded.

With my partner vaginally inserted and us in motion, the anal plug quickly slid out and disappeared amid the sheets. We lost track of it until much later.

And, as previously mentioned, the bullet vibrator does stick out of the base of the plug. During a bit of spanking play my partner accidentally hit the on/off switch and managed to stop the vibration completely.

This led to giggling, then some minor adjustments and then more spanking. Which led to the vibe accidentally being turned off yet again followed by more giggling and more adjustments. And then more spanking, of course.

Though not the expected or certainly the desired outcome, it was still enjoyable.

On the plus side, the vibrator held up to the wooden paddle quite well. Ahem.

Overall, with the narrow size and gentle buzz, I think this is a perfect vibrating plug for anal beginners. It's also a nice toy for tub play and for other solo activities. It just isn't as practical to use with a partner or for lengthy sexual play. But there are certainly enough reasons to keep this toy in my nightstand.

~ Sarah Rose

From the Babeland site:

A sweet silicone Havana butt plug with a vibrating heart will have you smiling from cheek to cheek. Slip the waterproof, wireless vibrating bullet into the soft silicone plug to relax muscles and provide extra stimulation, or slide it out to set your other pleasure points abuzz. Pink silicone.

  • Size: 3” x 1-1/4”
  • Material: Silicone
  • Batteries: 3 watch batteries (included)
* This toy graciously provided for review by Babeland.

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