Saturday, June 21, 2008

Nexus Glide

Right Up There with Chocolate and Red Wine

It's always refreshing to discover that something one enjoys greatly is actually good for you. I believe red wine was determined to be the first pleasure that one should actively pursue in a campaign for good health, and dark chocolate came right after. Now we can add the Nexus Glide Male Prostate Stimulator to the list. A quick Google search reveals that the benefits of regular prostate massage (PM) are well-established within the medical community. Any man lucky enough to have had one will tell you they feel really, really good. Unfortunately, PM is difficult to do to oneself and getting a willing partner to perform it isn't always easy.

Over the last decade, several devices have come onto the market designed to allow a man to massage his prostate "no hands" and enhance the quality of his orgasms, as well. They have not proven uniformly successful. While there are enough different shapes that each man can find one that provides an individual fit, there are several drawbacks to the majority of the massagers out there. Comfort isn't always achievable, and often there is a long learning curve for many of us before the healthy pleasures promised are delivered.

Enter the Nexus Glide. This new massager, by the makers of the first intelligently-designed double dildo, is a marked improvement over the competition. The difference in shape of the massaging body may or may not be what so improves its performance, but there is as well a rolling ball-bearing that stimulates the perineum. This adds greatly to the experience and is a feature unique to the Nexus brand.

The Glide's instructions are clear, its operation simple and the results... Let us just say that it was the most intense solo orgasm that I can remember, and I've been around a long time. What it might be like with a partner boggles the imagination but is definitely something that is going to be researched very soon.

So there you have it. For those of us entering (or already well within) our middle years, PM is something that we know we should be doing. One man in six will develop prostate cancer in his lifetime, and those are such scary odds that anything we can do to prevent the condition should be encouraged. Add improved orgasms on top of the health considerations, and I must really wonder why we don't all have and use the Nexus Glide regularly. Mine is now in my drawer with the socks. Where are you going to keep yours?

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From the Babeland site:

The Nexus Glide is the latest innovation in prostate pleasure. The medical-grade plastic fits comfortably in the butt to cup the prostate, while the rolling, stainless steel ball bearing in the handle glides smoothly back and forth over the perineum. Plus, gentle ribbing at the base stimulates the anus. The icing on the cake? The Glide is a snap to clean; the sturdy plastic can be washed with soap and water, while the steel ball pops out for rinsing or boiling. Assorted colors.

  • Size: 6" (4-1/2" insertable) x 1-1/8"
  • Material: Medical-grade hard plastic
* This toy graciously provided for review by Babeland.

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