Friday, April 03, 2009

Sex Casino

Sex CasinoIt's Las Vegas in your bedroom!

With one die bearing a noun (body part) and the other a verb (lick, suck, tickle, etc.), every roll of the dice results in pleasure. Spin the dial for some erotic instructions. Play strip pok-her. Let the chips fall where they may! The possibilities are endless.

I took this set of suggestive Sex Casino games with me to a recent gathering of hedonists and, while we didn't play any of the suggested variations, we did have a helluva good time creating new ones.

Great for an uninhibited party or an intimate soiree, I bet (*poke* Bet. Get it?) you'll never get tired of the many ways to cash in on this game.

Until next time...

peace & passion,

Here's what Babeland has to say:
Spin, bet, roll and romp your way to a scorching good time with Sex Casino adult game. Sex Casino includes everything you need to turn your bedroom into a pleasure mecca: playing cards with sexual favor betting chips, naughty dice, scratch-and-win sex lotto cards, a sexy spinner game, and a manual that describes 25 provocative games. Remember: you can’t win if you don’t play! And the best part is that whether you win or lose, you’re definitely going to get lucky. Makes a perfect gift for your favorite bachelor, bachelorette, or friend, or bring it home for a weekend-long date at home with your partner.

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