Tuesday, April 07, 2009

ID Moments

ID MomentsTo counterbalance to yesterday's unfavorable lube review, we have ID Moments. As lubricants go, this one's a clear winner! It's taken a place of honor on the nightstand next to the O'My (Cherry) and the K-Y Touch Massage Warming.

It's colorless, water-based/water-soluble, glycerin & paraben-free, latex compatible, and sweetened only with sucralose. Yay! Like most water-based lubes, it's on the thinnish side. Reapplication is likely to be needed for extended play. That's its only drawback, and it's a minor one.

Although it's not labeled as having any particular scent or flavor, to both me & my partner, it smelled lightly (and quite pleasantly) of green apples and was as close to tasteless as any lube I've ever tried. That's a big plus in my book. I don't want a product to be a turn off on the tongue.

Two thumbs up for ID Moments!

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