Friday, July 24, 2009

Just Leave a Comment to Enter

This fearless reviewer's toy drawer spilleth over, as you can see from an earlier post. Thus, I'm entering this contest for the Toys for Tarts' faithful (but heretofore lurking) readers. In other words, YOU! All of the products listed below are already in my toy drawer, and most have been reviewed here. So, if Toys for Tarts wins, I'll be giving them all away!

To play along & be eligible to win one of the fabulous wishlist products below or one of the weekly $25 Babeland gift cards, you just gotta leave a comment on this post. Tell me which wishlist product you'd like to have & why -- or which product you wish was included on the list & why. Be creative! Be naughty! I won't tell a soul.

Plus, if this blog gets the mostest comments, not only will Toys for Tarts receive a $125 gift card, but one of the lucky commenters will as well. Nothing to lose and all kinds of pleasure to gain!

So, without further ado, here is Toys for Tarts' $500 Babeland wishlist:

SaSi ($148)
It's a programmable tongue coupled with vibration. WIN-WIN!

Delight ($130)
Aptly named, but I call it Shamu. (Reviewed HERE.)

Use it solo... or with a partner... or both.

Njoy Fun Wand ($88)
Stainless steel sex -- hot or cold, it's spectacular!

TOTAL: $496


peace & passion,


  1. I would love a fun wand, because everybody needs a little fun in their lives. That thing looks like it could discourage muggers, too.

  2. Ooh, ooh, ooh!

    Me! Pick me!

    -jumps up and down-

    I'd take any, actually. Since I'm currently stuck on an island in the middle of nowhere without a single sex store in sight :(

  3. Njoy Fun Wand please and thank you

    Its stainless steel and its sex. What more could a man ask for except a hot brunette to use it on? ;)

  4. We-Vibe, all the way! It solves the dilemma of trying to hold a vibrator on your clit while your boyfriend moves you into twenty different positions.

  5. Not only am I commenting, I'm passing this on....

  6. Definitely the Njoy Fun Wand. Nothing beats the sensation or intensification of heat and cold!

  7. Njoy Fun Wand.


    The perfect thing for my Iron Man and me.


    (Though all of them look positively delicious!)

  8. I think my husband would like nipple clamps. Won't say if for me or for him though! LOL

  9. I still think the Delight is awesome, but if I'm cornered in an alley I want the fun wand... for self defense purposes, ya know...

  10. SaSi looks like fun to me!

  11. Sasi's 'learn and remember' sold me. Woot!

  12. Geez. I have to choose? Oy. SaSi I guess. For all those F/F fantasies. LMAO

  13. I hestiate to put forth an opinion since my experience with such things is fairly limited; but, based on how they look and operate, I think either the We-Vibe and the Fun Wand would be my first choice of the bunch.

  14. Hmm...
    Any of the vibrating cock-rings would be great. I'd tried one in the past but it stretched out after 2 uses and didn't really "hit" any of her parts...

  15. The We-Vibe looks yummy.

  16. The Delight would be awesome since it recharges itself!!!