Thursday, July 23, 2009

InfraRed Massager (CalEx)

InfraRed Massager (CalEx)Not exactly sure how to tell whether this Hitachi wannabe from California Exotic Novelties is truly infrared, or if it's just lit with LEDs behind a red plastic cover like my car's brake lights. But, really, until there's a solid reason to care, it doesn't matter. This is a nice product that does indeed give Hitachi's Magic Wand a run for its money.

The "InfraRed Electric Massager" has two speeds (high/low) which correspond to the inverse low/high heat. High heat is not all that hot, incidentally. Just noticeably warmer than low. One side of the bulbous head lights & heats, while the other hosts one of the 5 massage attachments. I tried each for actual massage of stiff/sore muscles, where they performed admirably, and I tried a couple of them for pleasure purposes. However, I much preferred the heated side over the attachments for stimulation of my sensitive pink parts.

The power cord is identical in length (6') to the Hitachi, which is the next best thing to cordless/rechargeable, and it's sized comparably. The vibration strength isn't quite as powerful as its famous cousin, but it gets the job done -- and it's a wee bit quieter.

So, all in all, I'd give this puppy two thumbs up. If it were significantly cheaper than a Hitachi, I'd be really impressed.

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