Sunday, February 22, 2009


PeridiseThe latest toy I've enjoyed reviewing is a markedly different type of sexual aid called the Aneros Peridise.

These Unisex Anal PC Toys are unique and are available in different sizes and shapes. They are made of a rigid white plastic polymer, are completely waterproof, and are latex and phthalate free.

The Peridise Advanced Pack contains two Peridise toys. These particular toys measure 4 inches in length, the larger having a 2.5 inch circumference while the thinner is 2 inches.

Unlike other anal toys, you are supposed to begin with the larger of the two and then work your way down. In this case, the thinner the toy, the more intense the orgasm.

The original intent of this toy was medicinal, designed as a way to use the healing power of massage in the anal-rectal region. And it does indeed promote the health of this area with invigorating benefits and increased blood flow.

But scientists soon realized an unexpected benefit. The large number of nerve endings and muscles in the anus combined with the action of peristalsis (organized muscle contractions that occur throughout the digestive tract) created very pleasurable sensations and, interestingly, much stronger orgasms.

Hurray for science!

Anally erotic as I am, I couldn't wait to give these things a try.

I decided to use the Peridise in solo play only, Sarah's Happy Time. Anal is not for everyone and this type of play can be a very personal thing.

Additionally, these toys are extremely rigid, and perhaps aren't really designed to be used in tandem with your partner occupying your other orifice. Ahem.

So after ensuring cleanliness and applying some lube, I slowly inserted the larger of the two. Partially. Just the tip. This is the purpose of this specialty toy.

After minimal insertion, you're supposed to relax and allow your body's natural reactions to take over. It was almost maddening for me to stop at this point so I decided to add a bit of vibrator play. That worked for awhile but soon I could feel fluctuations and the beginning waves of anal contractions.

With a bit of clenching and relaxing, a sort of tug of war game ensued with my parts, and I found myself in an unexpected but powerful orgasm.

The Peridise moves by itself along with your own body movements. It's possible to draw the tool in and out with your own muscles, adding to the pleasurable sensations. You'll feel your anus unconsciously reacting, adding lovely little twinges and miniature orgasms and soon the peristaltic waves will become stronger and more rapid.

With practice, you'll have further control. And the unique shapes of the Peridise toys will have differing pleasurable effects. And stronger orgasms.

It's a specialty tool designed for experienced anal play, and I must confess I've yet to share it with my partner. But it's well worth the effort to develop the skills.

~ Sarah Rose

Here's what Babeland has to say:

Come one, come all with the superlative all-orgasms-intensified, all-genders-satisfied Peridise anal plugs. No one knows your butt—and how to please it—better than Aneros, and they’ve sculpted two sets of plugs sure to find your sweet spot comfortably and easily: just gripping the Peridise induces involuntary contractions in the anal muscle, generating regional orgasms (buttgasms?), or intensifying traditional orgasms for men and women. Get two larger plugs in the beginner set, and two smaller plugs in the Advanced (stronger muscles can grip a smaller toy). Insertion is easy with the thoughtfully tapered head, and the design allows for easy movement and a comfortable hands-free and wearable fit.

  • Size/Beginner: 4" x 3/5", 4" x 4/5"
  • Size/Advanced: 3-3/4” x 7/10”, 3-3/4" x 9/10"
  • Material: Hard plastic

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