Monday, February 02, 2009

Black Large Rubber Whip

Black Large Rubber WhipRemember elementary school? Remember those little rubber bands that the class bully used to fire at unsuspecting kids? Remember how they stung? The kind of slightly delayed pinch-burn? Now, magnify that by about 100 strands, remove the humiliation (unless that's your kink), and add sexual arousal.

Rubber stings, my friend. It's so unlike the thud-caress of a leather flogger. This little number might not look as capable as its big, deerhide cousin, but what it lacks in visual impressiveness, it more than makes up in sensory stimulation. With the same swing, the Black Large Rubber Whip from Babeland can deliver welt-producing blows.

Or, used in a gentler fashion, the strands tickle and tease. Should they acquire a glaze of lube or bodily fluid, they can easily be washed off (unlike leather, which requires more involved cleaning procedures). This is a great addition to the kink enthusiast's toy box, and its $30 price tag won't set you back.

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Here's what Babeland has to say:

Brush the soft strands of the Black Large Rubber Whip across your lover’s body, and you’ll hear soft sighs; snap it against an unsuspecting behind, and you’ll hear delighted gasps. The largest of our rubber whips (see also Pink Medium and Red Mini, sold separately) this black stallion really delivers the look and feel of a rough ride. With a little restraint, you’ll be able to build up the sensation from light strokes to an intense climax. Makes a great gift for couples or singles looking to experiment with kink.

  • Size: 22"
  • Material: Rubber

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