Sunday, May 25, 2008

Nipplettes Vibrating Clamps

Nipplettes Vibrating ClampsI so look forward to going to the post office when I know I'll open my box and find that yellow you've-got-a-package slip inside! The past week was no exception, as a shipment from Babeland awaited pickup. Of the four products sent for Toys for Tarts to review, I was most eager to try the Nipplettes Vibrating Clamps.

I had high hopes that these cute, pink pinchers would not be as heavy as similar products, for the weight combined with the vibration often requires the clamp to be tightened beyond that point of deliciously painful pressure in order to stay where you want 'em -- even when horizontal. Sweat, other *cough* bodily fluids, lotions, lubes, or oils just compound that slippery problem.

These babies are essentially bullet vibes with a spring clip attached. They're made of a rigid, lightweight rubber (which aids their stay-put-edness). Each takes 3 button batteries. The product comes with a set installed and an extra set, so you're ready to rock-n-roll right out of the box. The tension can be adjusted via a small, plastic thumb screw. For me, the tightest setting was not the least bit uncomfortable -- and any loosening of the screw resulted in slippage when powered on, even without any of the slip-inducing factors mentioned above.

For bullets, these have a decent vibration that is not smothered by the casing. The higher-frequency buzz is not as stimulating to me as the deep, thrumming resonance of more powerful toys, but they make a nice addition that frees the hands to attend to other erogenous zones. Hassle-free, simple on/off toys that can be grabbed on impulse. Yeah, these will stay in my nightstand within easy reach.

Nipplettes Vibrating ClampsAnd, speaking of other erogenous zones... while the packaging might SAY they're nipple clamps, I've never been one to follow instructions. I am pierced on one of the two appendages for which this product is intended, and that side really doesn't need any additional stimulation -- if you get my drift. So, I had the bright idea to put it to good use below the waist. What an intensely delightful discovery! I think these puppies should be sold in THREEs. Seriously.

Two of the remaining four products in the shipment have been farmed out to intrepid Toys for Tarts volunteer reviewers. Their reviews will be posted in the coming weeks, after they've had time to thoroughly *ahem* field test them. As for me, I'll be reviewing this one next. Is my halo on straight?

Until next time...

peace & passion,

~ Alessia

* This toy graciously provided for review by Babeland.

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