Wednesday, March 07, 2007


SnugglepussFrom the Eden Fantasys website:
At first glance, it may look like some kind of a sea creature, but it is actually the Snugglepuss from Vibratex. The Snugglepuss is the newest, hands free vibrator for simultaneous G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. The toy is flexible, so you simply pull the two sides apart and you can insert the G-Spot end while the clitoral end rests against you on the outside. This toy is made out of elastomer, so it's very soft and comfortable. Each end is also covered in soft textural nubs to amp up the stimulation and increase your satisfaction. The clitoral end also has two fins on either side that provide added sensations for labia stimulation. To activate your Snugglepuss, simply roll back the sleeve on the clitoral stimulator, open the battery compartment and remove the protection sticker. After you've done that, your toy is instantly turned on when the two sides are pulled apart from one another. So there are no buttons to fumble with. Comes with 3 watch sized batteries.

Hmm. If you're after g-spot stimulation beyond just pressure, get another toy. The vibrations in the exterior arm of this one are simply not strong enough to be felt inside. They're really not all that strong outside either, but this puppy didn't interest me a solo toy. I thought it'd be a great hands-free adjunct for anal. The fit is fine. It stays put, freeing the hands for other places in need of attention. I just don't think it'd be good for much else, unless you wanted to wear it around all day as a teaser. I seriously doubt it's able to "do the job" by itself, but it might be kinda neat as part of an extended foreplay-ish game.

Also available at Babeland.


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  2. Actually, the post has always linked directly to the product in your store. Simply click on the picture.

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