Friday, October 13, 2006

Ring of Xtasy

Ring of Xtasy
Cock rings always look so much bigger in pictures, and this one is no exception. With your garden-variety bullet-toting cock ring, quality is gauged in two ways: (a) vibration, and (b) fit. Unfortunately, this particular product gets a B- on both prongs of the quality test. It's a decent enough toy, but the bullet vibe isn't very powerful & it burned through a set of batteries in one session. (Okay, granted I was riding it for a while, but even so ...)

From my perspective, the only enhancement provided by the toy was the hardness of the bullet sandwiched between my partner and me. It was nice to grind against. My partner reported no enhancement (beyond the enjoyment of watching me do said grinding *wink*).

The blurb says:
Made of super stretch silicone this heart-shaped ring is soft with a snug and comfortable fit. The mega powered bullet sends the bunny ears into strong rapid motion for steady clitoral stimulation. Easy on/off push button for the bullet. Embedded hearts on the ring aid in providing friction and labial stimulation. Requires 2 button cell batteries - 2 sets are included.

Soft, yes. Comfortable, yes. Snug, no. "Mega powered," no. Easy on/off, yes. The "embedded hearts" (i.e., little bumps) didn't add to the friction that I could discern.

This is, unfortunately, a product that will most likely spend the rest of its life in the bottom of my toy bag.

* This toy graciously provided for review by Xandria

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