Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Black Fireman's Penis Pump

The term "penis pump" to me is always either an enlarger or a milker, like a breast pump idea. Now granted, every guy wants a little more. I'm quite fond of my cock, and from what I have been told, it's a rather nice one: not too big to cause lock jaw; not so small as to be deficient for duty. So looking for an enlarger is just not on my horizon, but if another inch or so could be had, I'm not complaining. Unfortuantely, this pump just doesn't make that much of a difference. I work the pump, create the vacuum feel my john thomas swell and engorge, but an hour later I'm back to my pre-pump size. Unless there is a several month long cumulative effect, it's just not much good other than for a short term boost and acheyness.

As a milker... well, that's fun now and then -- when I've had a drought and need to get all I have been storing up out in one fell swoop. The pump does make a decent suction -- not great, but decent. With some work you can get a nice ball cleaning squirt, not an earth shaking orgasm as the tactile sensations are missing, but it does pull more than the usual stroke and squeeze jack-off technique.

On the whole, not a great toy, but if you get one as a gift, don't toss it aside either.

* This toy graciously provided for review by Xandria

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